ZUMBA KIDS is a fun, healthy program for children using the Zumba Fitness concept of incorporating world dance rhythms with fitness movements.  The goal of ZUMBA KIDS is to develop a healthy lifestyle, and to incorporate fitness as a natural part of children’s lives.  In addition to exercise, ZUMBA KIDS strives to promote other aspects of a healthy lifestyle including:


•   Leadership

•   Respect

•   Team Work

•   Pride

•   Confidence

•   Responsibility

•   Coordination

•   Balance

•   Discipline

•   Memory

•   Creativity


This class is being offered exclusively to Westbrook students and is being taught by Kate Hanson. Mrs. Hanson taught middle school in Skokie for 10 years before staying home with her three daughters, ages 9, 6, 5.  She is a certified ZUMBA KIDS instructor who is very excited to take over this class for Mys. Yacker.


If you have questions,

please call or e-mail Mrs Hanson at 773-750-1692 or hansonkate4@gmail.com


Space is limited! Students will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.