Room Parent Coordinators
Amy Alexander
Glen Grove
Julie Moon



If you are considering taking on the job of room parent, we highly recommend that you do!!


To sign up, or if you have questions, contact:


Westbrook Coordinator: Amy Alexander

Glen Grove Coordinator: Julie Moon

The key role of the room parent is to support your teacher’s efforts with our children.  Room parents are very important!


Most Important:  Room parents contact the classroom teachers and open the lines of communication!


Each Teacher has a preferred method of communication and needs from the room parents.  Teachers have different requests for the classroom needs including celebrations, field trips, coordination of parent teacher conferences or classroom volunteers, etc. The room parent is there to learn the teacher’s preferences and offer help to accommodate those preferences.


Delegate:  As room parent you are NOT required to attend each field trip, classroom celebration, classroom creation coordinator, or pay for classroom needs yourself.  The entire class parent group should have the opportunity and be encouraged to help out. Your main role is to coordinate these efforts.


Collect/budget/allocate classroom funds: to support the class activities during the year.


Recruit parent volunteers:   Many parents would like to help in whatever capacity they are able – room parents contact the class parents to ask for help with  classroom and PTA events as necessary. 


Communicate with your parents on behalf of the school or PTA as necessary. Remind Parents: The PTA has a mailbox at each school, any and all communications can always be sent via child’s backpack in an envelope marked PTA. The teachers will forward those communications to the PTA mailbox.


Email Communication:                                                                                                    

If possible, obtain email addresses from any classroom parent. This is the easiest way to communicate with your parent group. Of course, not all parents have email access and then should provide phone contact information.


Follow the Food Policy:

As leaders in the classroom it is important to follow the new District 34 Food Policy. This includes healthy/nutritious snacks for classroom celebrations and no food items for birthday celebrations. A copy of the guidelines is included in the room parent folder and on the district website.


PTA Classroom Donation:

Dreaded by some, a fun highlight for others. If you are not the creative type that enjoys this type of creative classroom coordinated activity – be sure to recruit a parent that is! Feel free to refer to the Room Parent Suggestions for ideas and suggestions from past room parents. 


Curriculum Night:  

Curriculum night is a great night for the room parents to meet the other parents in the classroom – we encourage all room parents to attend.  Of course, we can’t stress enough the importance of talking with the teacher in advance!





Your help in the classroom is a great asset to your teacher and students. 

We appreciate your time and your talents!!