Come back for another fun filled session of chess! Learn pins, forks, double attacks and checkmating moves! Learn bughouse (team chess) and play for trophies in the school championship! Everyone can win a trophy by doing my “brain builders” (I email parents the answers!). Learn thinking skills that will help you in school and in sports!


Psychologist Howard Gardner says “The ability to anticipate chess moves and their consequences seems closely tied to strong imagery" and that good chess players have good spatial intelligence. He states that spatial intelligence (one of his eight intelligences that children need to develop) is critical for today’s environment because it is the basis of creativity in the working world. Chess will help map your child’s brain for math and science by teaching how to break problems down into steps, solve puzzles and win games! Chess also teaches logic and planning and how to peacefully resolve disputes. Join us: say YES to creativity!


Kids think chess is only a game. I do all I can to make class fun and still teach how to reason, calculate and picture moves before they are made. I offer full refunds, no questions asked, at any time. Beginners are welcome in all of my classes. I offer a free home lesson to all my students. Give chess a try: your child and you will like it!