Calling all first and second graders! How would you like to go on an incredible journey with Amazing Minds after school? Explore topics such as countries near and far, land and water animals, rocks and minerals, and stormy weather. Build rock collections, excavate Ancient Egyptian tombs, and shop in a simulated grocery store. Learn to use tools that help you solve problems such as calculators, magnifying glasses, microscopes, tape measures and geology kits. 

Come back for another fun filled session of chess! Learn pins, forks, double attacks and checkmating moves! Learn bughouse (team chess) and play for trophies in the school championship!  

Each child will become a maker of technology rather than just a consumer of technology.  By incorporating interpersonal play with screen time each child develops his or her ability to think creatively, work collaboratively and reason systematically -- skills useful throughout all of their lives!

The Global Language Lab offers foreign language classes in District 34. Giving your child the opportunity to kick-start the learning of a foreign language, will not only open the window for future language learning, but will also provide your student with a look into other cultures, and improve overall learning in school. Research have shown that students that consistently took language in elementary do better on ACT scores than non-language learners. 


Improv is 'LIFE SKILLS' Training. Not only for kids who want to be actors; this training has been proven to: Build self-­-confidence, Develop critical listening skills, Enhance verbal communication skills, Produce greater empathy for others as a result of character work, Increase the capacity for peaceful conflict resolution as students learn to negotiate within scene work, Teach teamwork while students work as an ensemble. Classes held at both Westbrook and Glen Grove.

This program is a cross between fitness and entertainment.  Great lyrics, cool music and fun games create a winning combination. The instructors for this program are professionally trained. The class is appropriate for students grades K-2 and takes place after school at Westbrook. 

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PTA Before/ After School Programs

Before/After School Code of Conduct Agreement

Dear Parents,

The PTA is very happy to offer opportunities for academic enrichment before and afterschool. Below are the guidelines for participation in this programming. The registration form you will fill for your program includes a place where you must sign that you have read and agreed with the following procedures.


  • Attendance is always taken at the beginning of every class/program day. So that all children are accounted for, you will need to give advance notice if your child will be absent. If you know ahead of time, you can send a note with your child prior to the expected absence. If that is not possible, please contact your program director.


  • If your child is absent from our program, and the program director has not received notice, you will be called immediately to let you know your child did not show up for class. Repeated failure to communicate absences may be cause for dismissal from a program.


  • For morning activities, the program director will meet students near the front door of the school and lead the students to the classroom for their activities. Students who arrive later will enter the building through the office, check in, and then be allowed to join the activity


  • At the end of the day for after school programs, the instructor will escort the entire class to the front doors of the building where parents can wait in the vestibule area or right outside the front door.


  • Parents will not be able to enter the building if the school office is closed to pick up their children. Also, children will not be allowed outside the building unsupervised.


  • The program director will need to verify that the child is leaving with the parent or an approved adult.


  • If someone else will be picking your child up, you must send prior written approval.


  • If a child needs to be picked up early, the program director must be contacted ahead of time. If a situation arises where advance notice is not possible, please call you program director.


  • Students participating in before/afterschool programs are expected to observe the same code of conduct as during the regular school day. Infractions will result in warning, a call home, and may ultimately result in dismissal from a program.


  • For more information on school conduct expectations please review the district policy here.


  • Students are only considered to be enrolled in a program when the registration has been received by the deadline and a confirmation email or call has been sent to parents. If you have submitted a registration and not received confirmation you must contact the program director and cannot assume your child is enrolled.


  • You must send a note to your child’s teacher, on the first day of class, stating that your child is enrolled in an afterschool program.