Calling all first and second graders! How would you like to go on an incredible journey with Amazing Minds after school where instructors will sharpen your skills in math, science, geography, language arts, and reading through fun, hands-on thematic based units.  Science will come alive through our exploration of rocks and minerals, flight, weather, health and safety, computers; explore math learning about money, geometry and shapes; grab your teacher's hand and travel to China, Ancient Egypt, Italy, Washington DC or Australia to name just a few. Go to the head of the class in reading because of our hands-on reading games involving the animal kingdom, ocean creatures and even the Preamble to the Constitution!  (Topics change each session- 18 topics in all). Build rock collections, excavate Ancient Egyptian tombs, or shop in a simulated grocery store. Dissect owl pellets, wear prism glasses, and make raisins bounce! Top it all off with exciting topic related take home prizes such as an Australian boomerang or a shark's tooth! Come and exercise your brain with us after school!



If  you have questions or to register call Lisa Weiss at 847.509.8875 or visit